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Plan ahead and save the date for these upcoming one-day sessions that you won’t want to miss from MASA and our partner organizations.

The MASA 2018 Drive-In Conference Series features one-day workshops, conferences and sessions on hot topics that are timely and relevant for MASA members. We are teaming up with our partner organizations and other experts to bring this information to our members. Here you can view the line-up for 2018, with more details to come.

April 25

Building a Student Growth and Assessment System that Informs Practice

Presented by MASA and MASSP

Michigan school districts have been implementing and adjusting to the revised evaluation statute for three school years. As districts grapple with implementing statutory requirements for annual evaluation, a common pain point has been the use of student growth and assessment data, including properly understanding what the legislation requires, which measures to use, how to aggregate growth measures for teachers and administrators, and reliably scoring for 25% of an effectiveness rating. Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, the weight of student growth increases to 40%, inclusive of state assessment data for teachers in tested grades and subjects, increasing the significance and complexity of evaluating performance.

This one-day institute is designed to engage teams of school leaders, inclusive of the superintendent (and/or other central office representatives), elementary and secondary building principals, teacher leaders, and others responsible for managing student data. District teams will revisit current practice, identify areas of strength and challenge within their system, and make plans to further address growth requirements for the future. Guided discussions are embedded throughout the general session and hands-on breakout sessions for district dialogue and planning.

  • When: April 25, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Where: Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, 219 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Cost: Get the early bird rate of $150 per person if you register by March 25; the cost increases to $175 per person after March 25

For more information, including the agenda, click here.



April 26

Accelerating Credits: K-12 & Postsecondary Partnerships


High school students from across Michigan are benefitting from earning college credits while in high school. Not only is this a significant financial advantage, but also research shows students who earn credit in high school are more likely to graduate from college. By 2025, 65 percent of jobs in Michigan will require a postsecondary credential, and our workforce is not yet prepared to meet these new demands. As noted in a report titled The Best Education System for Michigan’s Success, “Only 36 percent of Michiganders over 25 years of age have earned an associate degree or higher — ranking Michigan 35th for degree attainment.”

College degrees, of course, are not the only pathway to postsecondary success. Marketable postsecondary credentials, including certificates, industry certifications, and apprenticeships, are also gateways to rewarding and well-paying careers. In Michigan, 4 percent of residents have earned a postsecondary credential. In addition, there is also compelling data around the gap that exists between the rate at which students from high and low income families participate in programming aimed at credit acceleration.

This one-day event will provide attendees with a vision of successful Early College Implementation from colleagues in Dallas, Texas, as well as information on a wide array of options that districts in Michigan are utilizing to ensure high school students to attain college credits inclusive of: Early and Middle College, Dual Enrollment, Articulated Credits, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programming. The partners planning the event hope to bring higher ed and K-12 together to increase collaboration and foster more credit earning opportunities for students in Michigan.

  • When: April 26, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Where: Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, 219 S. Harrison Road, East Lansing, MI 48824
  • Cost: Get the early bird rate of $150 per person if you register by March 26; the cost increases to $175 per person after March 26

Submit an RFP to present during a breakout session

Submit your proposal to lead a breakout session at the Accelerating Credit Conference. Proposals are being sought from districts, schools and their partners that are successfully running programs where students are earning college credit while in high school such as: Middle/Early College, Dual Enrollment, Articulated Credit, Certificated Programs, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate. The deadline to submit a proposal is 5 p.m on March 29. Click here to learn more and submit your proposal.



May 7

Spark Growth for Central Office Administrators: Building a Strong Central Office Team

Presented by MASA as part of the Horizon Leadership Academies

This workshop will address relationships and team building among administrative teams. Participants will come to understand their own communication patterns and style characteristics and how to acknowledge and accommodate those of their team members. They will also discover strategies for identifying motivations and skill strengths and needs among those whom they supervise.

Topics covered include:

  • Assessing your personal characteristics to gain a better understanding of your own personality type
  • Learning to structure conversations with school leaders to effect positive change
  • Learning to provide honest and respectful feedback to school leaders
  • Understanding the will/skill continuum to identify the needs of school leaders
  • Planning for and managing conversations that ensure professional growth
  • Developing leadership plans for consistently providing targeted feedback


  • When: May 7, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Where: MASA/MSBO Conference Room, 1001 Centennial Way, Lansing, MI 48917
  • Cost: Get the early bird rate of $150 per person if you register by April 7; the cost increases to $175 per person after April





Previous drive-in conferences

February 26: Developing Successful Structures for District Business & Operations

Presented by MASA and Michigan School Business Officials (MSBO)

MASA and MSBO partnered on this workshop designed for teams of superintendents and their CFOs to collaboratively learn best practices for finance and operations. Click here to view the agenda.



March 20: School Safety & Student Protests

Presented by MASA and Thrun Law Firm

As the national conversation about school safety and student protests continues in response to the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Fla., MASA partnered with Thrun Law Firm to ensure district leaders have the information they need to effectively prepare and communicate about issues in their districts.

On March 20, MASA brought together experts from Thrun Law Firm, the Michigan State Police and GMB Architecture & Engineering for a daylong conference on School Safety & Student Protests. Topics covered range from student protests and evaluating threats to financing security measures and navigating parent and media inquiries. Click here for more information.