Gov. Rick Snyder released the 21st Century Education Commission report on March 10. Some of the main takeaways are that Michigan needs to retain the Common Core State Standards and increase funding for all levels of education as part of its effort to improve student academic, and ultimately job performance. The report also calls for more supports for teachers and drastically restructuring – and possible elimination – of the State Board of Education.

The Commission identified four goals for the State to achieve:

  • By 2025, 70 percent or more of our 25-year-olds will have completed a college degree, occupational certificate, apprenticeship or formal skill training.
  • By 2025, Michigan children will score in the top 10 among U.S. states on the bi-annual National Assessment of Educational Progress in reading, math and science.
  • By 2025, Michigan children will surpass the scores of Ontario schoolchildren on the Programme for International Student Assessment in reading, math and science.
  • By 2025, the high school graduation and postsecondary enrollment gap between low-income and middle-income children in Michigan will have disappeared.

While the report does not make specific recommendations for spending, it does indicate that Michigan should increase funding for all levels of education to ensure the goals are met. The report also takes note of the need for capital investment in school facilities.

One additional recommendation that we are digging into surrounds ISDs. The report states that, “In order to facilitate higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency, Michigan must rename, reconfigure, and reassign tasks to intermediate school districts to enable high-quality and economically efficient delivery of services to students.”

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