This fall, St. Clair County students will have easier access to an expanded range of online courses through a cooperative effort – called LearnOn – among the county’s seven public school districts, St. Clair County RESA (SCCRESA) and MVU’s Michigan Virtual School® (MVS®).

Partnering with St. Clair County RESA allows the Michigan Virtual School to provide increased access to quality online course content to students. The LearnOn program gives students more flexibility to take a subject they want without sacrificing other preferred classes due to outside time demands from sports, band, work or other home issues. Classes are accessed at the student’s convenience, at any location that lets them connect to the Internet.

“Most classes will be facilitated by local county teachers who know and understand our students, and students will register through their high school counselors,” said Kevin Miller, RESA director of Administrative Services. “An added bonus for everyone is that this keeps St. Clair County education dollars in St. Clair County.”

LearnON is designed to be St. Clair County’s portal to online learning, Miller said. Previously, county students could access online classes, but there was no coordinated, countywide effort to make the process as simple, transparent and reliable as possible, Miller said.

All LearnON classes through Michigan Virtual School will make mentors available to students who need extra help. Students also can interact with teachers and fellow students through the online portal. Teachers are accessible through a number of communications channels including video chat and texting.

“This is a win-win-win situation. Online learning may not be right for every student in every circumstance. By keeping local control, LearnON educators will be in a position to provide our students the support and guidance they need to be successful,” Miller said.

LearnON options are available to all St. Clair County high school students beginning with registration for their Fall 2017 classes over the next several months. Classes available include core subjects such as English and Math. Other courses address less common subjects not typically available in most high schools, including a wide range of world languages and Advanced Placement courses. The expanded online options also will allow students to pursue a subject at whatever academic level matches their skills and interests. More information about LearnON is available through St. Clair County RESA or at

The goal of unique programs like LearnOn is to attract other districts from across the state to form partnerships to best serve students and teachers with these expanded opportunities.

About Michigan Virtual University

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Article provided by Kristin Flynn, Executive Director of Student Learning Services, Michigan Virtual University