The Michigan Department of Education needs your help to identify the next Michigan Teacher of the Year (MTOY). The Michigan Teacher of the Year program, sponsored by the Meemic Foundation, recognizes outstanding educational leaders across the state for their work to elevate the teaching profession.

Between now and Friday, October 20 at 11:59 p.m., the MDE’s online nomination form will be open for nominations for a teacher or teachers identified as exceptional educational leaders and have made substantial contributions to their profession. Just complete and submit. The MDE would also like to encourage districts to post this information on their website, in  faculty lounges, and in parent newsletters. 

To be eligible for Michigan Teacher of the Year, applicants must:

  • Hold a current Michigan teaching certificate
  • Have at least 5 years of successful teaching experience in Michigan
  • Be involved in the direct education of students

Each nominated teacher will receive an email inviting them to complete Part A of the MTOY application process. Each completed Part A application will be reviewed by a group of educational stakeholders from each of these 10 regions and select regional semifinalists. Those semifinalists will then complete Part B of the MTOY application. The scores assigned to applicants’ respective Part B submissions will determine the regional Teachers of the Year. Each regional MTOY will then be interviewed by a panel of state-wide educational leaders to determine the Michigan Teacher of the Year.

If selected for that honor, the MTOY will be the spokesperson for all Michigan teachers. This includes participating in monthly State Board of Education meetings and traveling to state and national events involving other Teachers of the Year. The MTOY will remain as a full-time employee of the district. Regional Michigan Teachers of the Year will aid the MTOY in his or her advocacy on behalf of Michigan’s teachers by helping share their message while also sharing issues of importance to the teachers in each region with the MTOY and state policymakers.

Thank you for your assistance with these efforts to recognize excellent teachers. For timely responses to your questions, please email You can also call (517) 335-5236 or contact Josh Roesner at