For years, we have wondered, “What does it cost to educate a child?”

A study commissioned by the School Finance Research Collaborative (SFRC) – a diverse, bipartisan and broad-based group of business leaders and education experts from Metro Detroit to the U.P. – has finally found the answer.

Michigan’s first comprehensive school adequacy study, released in January, determined it costs a minimum of $9,590 to educate a regular education K-12 student in Michigan. Researchers determined that funding in addition to the base cost should also be provided for special education, English Language Learners, students living in poverty and Career and Technical Education.

We have the data, so now what?

Now we get to work ensuring that people – from state lawmakers to local community leaders – hear about the report’s results, and understand the impact it can have on how we fund schools in Michigan.

MASA has created an SFRC Resource Center, which includes key findings, a downloadable fact sheet, a Q&A section, and more. We encourage MASA members to read through the study and these support materials to help spread the word about what it truly costs to educate a every child in Michigan.

Visit the Resource Center