Has your school district signed up for the Michigan Data Hub (MiDataHub)? The MiDataHub is the result of five years of ISD leadership, collaboration, and effort supported by Kalamazoo RESA and the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA). MiDataHub provides a platform that standardizes data for districts and allows tackling the common data issues districts struggle with. Check out the Animated Vision video below for more on the MiDataHub.

One data challenge we are currently working to solve with MiDataHub is the use of roster and M-STEP assessment data to provide student growth percentages (SGPs) for teacher evaluation. A further challenge is the development of a common system to provide individual reading intervention plans (IRIPs) to address the third-grade reading law. To facilitate these needs, it is extremely important for districts to establish a baseline year of data in MiDataHub for 2017-18 and to work to ensure that the flow of data is operating properly. Having at least a year of historical roster information allows for a better calculation of SGP information. Additionally, historical roster information will be important in integrating with the Value Added Measure (VAM) tool (SAS-EVAAS) that the legislature funded for teacher evaluation.

In addition to these initiatives, MiDataHub has a wealth of capabilities in-use and in-development. The integrations being developed will save ISDs and local districts time in managing the connections to the various systems used. MiDataHub has developed extensions to support state reporting, can provide error checking of data against CEPI’s validation rules, and help improve overall data quality. Integrations with state systems will allow for better access to assessment data, and will soon streamline the assignment of the all-important UIC for new students.

The use of MiDataHub is provided free of charge and with full local control of all data usage. Due to the many benefits available and the collaborative solutions that can be developed because of the standardized platform, it is highly recommended to sign up now. Districts are listed on the participation list. If a district is not on the list and is interested in participating, complete the short District Participation Form to start the process.  Any questions can be submitted to support@midatahub.org.