The Michigan Mathematics and Science Center Network (MMSCN), through a grant with the MiSTEM Advisory Council and, is offering free professional learning for teachers of AP Computer Science Principles in grades 10-12.

During 2017-2018, Michigan had 86 schools teach AP Computer Science Principles. This coming year, 73 teachers have been accepted into the professional learning program and only 27 seats remain!

Applications are open until April 6, 2018.  However, please apply as soon as possible to secure your seat before they are full. Information can be found at

The grant with and from the MI STEM Advisory Council will provide local schools with the following:

  • Resources for teaching AP CSP  or CSD in the fall of 2018
  • A Sample AP CSP Course Audit pre-approved by the College Board
  • Professional Learning for teachers throughout Michigan at no cost (teacher stipends are not included)
  • A curriculum from for the AP CSP Course or CSD Course
  • Free 5-night hotel stay at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids
  • All breakfast and lunch provided for the week of professional learning in July
  • All lunches provided for the school year workshops
  • All materials needed for the professional learning at no cost

Schools interested in taking advantage of this opportunity will be expected to:

  • Have an AP CSP course or CSD course in their school schedule for Fall, 2018.  MDE has also granted flexibility for teachers without an NR endorsement to teach this course.  (See memos on this website for more information:
  • Have teachers attend the summer workshop on July 8-13 at the JW Marriott in Grand Rapids (Mileage is not included.)
  • Have teachers attend the 4 quarterly workshops offered during the school year. (These are typically on Saturdays.  Mileage is not included.)

Free professional learning is also available for teachers of CS Discoveries. During 2017-2018, Michigan had 14 schools pilot CS Discoveries. This coming year, the program is at capacity with 100 teachers accepted (with a waiting list) into this professional learning program for July 2018.

Periodically visit the website for updated information.