Neola’s transition to a state-of-the-art digital policy publishing platform, which will cut in half the time it takes to process new and updated materials, is underway in Michigan.

Neola, MASB’s policy provider, already has successfully migrated the digital material of clients in four of the six states where it operates – Wisconsin, Florida, West Virginia and Ohio –to the new BoardDocs-powered platform.

This means that the 506 traditional public school districts in Michigan with which Neola does business will benefit from all that the company has learned since the Wisconsin pilot project began two years ago.

“The data we have collected confirms our belief that moving to the new platform powered by BoardDocs was the right decision with regard to improving turnaround time,” Richard N. Clapp, Neola’s president and CEO, recently proclaimed.

The new platform was designed with Emerald Data Solutions, the BoardDocs people. The platform is a one-stop shop for publishing, editing, receiving updates and posting policy material on district websites. It is designed to be more user-friendly and allow for technological advances as they occur.

Steve LaVallee, a Neola associate who trained district staff members in the migration to the new platform in Wisconsin, said the change to the new system will be “much smoother” than some might expect.

“They will need to take the time to learn it, as with any new software, but pretty much every superintendent and administrative assistant I’ve trained thinks it is easy to use and intuitive,” said LaVallee, a former Wisconsin superintendent. “And the long-term potential is probably what they are most excited about.”

Neola, a partner of MASA, expects the transition in Michigan to be finished by the first quarter of 2019.

Neola associates will be in frequent touch with their districts during the training, which the BoardDocs staff will initially provide. Associates will let districts know when their training is scheduled to start. Some clients will receive the Volume 33, Number 1 Update in BoardDocs this fall. All clients that publish digitally will receive the second update for this school year on the new platform.

And, for clients who currently publish digitally, Neola is migrating their material to the new platform powered by BoardDocs at no additional cost to the District.  If a District currently uses BoardDocs as their e-governance provider, the policies will be published on their site.

Districts should direct questions related to the transition or training, or about the cost to begin publishing the District’s policies and guidelines, to their associate or call Neola’s main office at 1-800-407-5815.

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