Award-winning education leader Peter Gamwell will open the Midwinter Conference with his presentation, “The Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity.”

Drawing on the ideas in his new book, The Wonder Wall: Leading Creative Schools and Organizations in an Age of Complexity, Peter describes how in this age of complexity, it is more than ever before imperative to foster learning cultures that encourage and spark the unique abilities, curiosity and interests that lie in all of our students – as well as all of our people.  Through storytelling, anecdotes from around the world, his own wealth of practical experience and informed by cutting edge research, Peter weaves together three imperatives and four conditions that he considers pivotal in unleashing healthy cultures of possibility and creativity.

Peter will encourage conference attendees to think about things such as:

  • What is creativity? How do we define it and why does this matter?
  • Why do we consider some children (and people) creative and others not?
  • What is the role of imagination and creativity in our classrooms and organizations?
  • How can we best inspire the curiosity and natural wonder of our children?
  • What can we learn from other sectors to help inform what our schools should look like?

These questions and others will create an experience through which peter reveals his own beliefs about what works in schools and organizations, what doesn’t work and how we can foster remarkable learning environments.