The Michigan Improving Teacher Quality (ITQ) External Review and Evaluation Team released a report that synthesizes the findings and lessons learned from the review and evaluation of the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) Title IIA(3) Improving Teacher Quality Competitive Grants Program conducted over 13 years from 2004-2017.

The Michigan Department of Education has funded teacher professional development projects through the Michigan ITQ Professional Development Competitive Grants Program—Title IIA(3) since 2000.

The report includes background about ITQ, “15 Insights About Teacher Professional Learning,” a description of the evaluation/review, and a set of 16 “Summing-Up Briefs” that synthesize evaluation findings related to topics pertinent to professional learning and the ITQ projects. The Briefs are succinct stand-alone documents that can be used separately from the report.

The information in this report is organized and presented to inform and support the work of educational policy-makers, LEA and ISD school administrators, college faculty and other professional development providers, and teacher leaders. It should not be seen as a technical evaluation report about ITQ, but a user-friendly synthesis of findings and conclusions about teacher professional learning based on thirteen years of study of the Michigan ITQ program. Readers are encouraged to share the document with others who might find it useful.

Read the full report.