House Budget Based on Cuts to School Aid Revenue Streams

The House Appropriations Committee will consider its proposal for the School Aid and Transportation budgets on Wednesday morning. Under these proposals, university funding would be moved out of the School Aid Fund (SAF). This seems like a huge victory for the K12 community, but in the transportation budget, gasoline would be exempted from sales tax. This results in a $325.5 million cut to school revenues for this budget on top of the $170 million hit from last session’s lame duck bill that moved income tax revenue out of the SAF and into roads.

Those two raids total $495.5 million and it’s being reported that the remaining 2 cents of sales tax paid at the pump would be replaced with a gas tax the following year – roughly $270 million of additional School Aid revenue.

Contact your State Representative today and tell him/her to find a real solution to fixing our roads and stop the continued raid on school aid funds. It’s likely you’ll hear, “this is all part of the process, don’t worry.” We’ve heard that before.

Visit to find your House member. As always, if you have a cell phone number for your member, that is the best way to reach them.