Tired of paying high bills every month? Do you feel confused and helpless when you look at your electric bill and wonder what you are really paying for? Did you know that on average, a medium-sized school in the Midwest pays around $150,000 annually for their electricity… This monthly operating expense is a cost that every school district faces and most schools have no answer on ways to reduce it.

Rising Utility Rates

With utility rates increasing by 2.5% year over year, you can start to see that facilities electric cost are becoming a huge long-term problem for your school’s future. Solential Energy has answered that question with its unique Solar offering for schools. Solar Energy is great for schools as the solar production matches up with how most schools use their energy on a day to day basis.

No Capital Needed!

With zero-capital needed from your school we are able to engineer, design, and install our Solar Energy Solution to help reduce your school districts electric cost by up to 20% in the first year. Over 25 years your school district can expect $1-2 million dollars in savings. We incorporate STEM learning programs into each school we work with to help encourage our youth to look closer at renewable energy.

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We offer a no-cost energy analysis to help you better understand your facilities energy profile.

Email Corey Miller, director of sales, at cmiller@solential.com to learn more, or visit us at www.solential.com