The following is a press release from the Michigan Propane Gas Association

Over 400 school buses run on propane in Michigan, and Hamilton community schools are using propane technology to power their buses.

“The more dollars I can take out of the fuel budget, the more we can put those dollars towards the kids.”

“We went with propane for three reasons. One, is financial, it’s more fiscally responsible with low fuel costs, Two, we want to reduce the carbon footprint for our kids and the community and three, the propane buses are cleaner and quieter and therefore safer for our kids.”

Steve Meppelink, Hamilton’s Transportation Direct, says propane makes his life easier.

“Propane makes our job easier in our garage with our maintenance with emissions go. We use less engine oil and the oil changes are faster and less frequent,” according to Meppelink.

There are millions of dollars available to make the switch from diesel to alternative fuels including propane. Also, the MPGA is offering $4,000 to help make it easy for schools to convert to propane:

Learn more about grant opportunities available to school districts.