Bring up the issue of cybersecurity and even the most stalwart of techs may start to squirm.

The issue can be overwhelming and figuring out where to begin is challenging.  The Michigan Education Technology Leaders (METL), a workgroup of MAISA, stepped in to address this challenge by developing the Essential Cybersecurity Practices for K-12. About 2,000 copies of this guidebook are being distributed to every local district superintendent, business manager, and technology director in Michigan.  It is also available online, for free.

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The guidebook was written by Michigan K-12 technology leaders, especially for the non-technical school administrator. It is based on the 20 CIS Critical Security Controls and provides a structured, comprehensive, prioritized overview of every major cybersecurity consideration. The team that developed the guidebook continues to work toward improving Michigan K12 cybersecurity by developing and advocating for best practices and resources.