As more school districts across the nation are focusing on educating the “whole child,” MASA is working to support superintendents and central office administrators in their efforts to improve the academic success and student health for ALL of Michigan’s children.

We’re going beyond the classroom at the 2020 Midwinter Conference this month, and we invite you to come along! Our exciting slate of speakers and presentations will give you the resources you need, provide you with the networking opportunities to learn from each other, and teach you the skills to support all students.

First up – a pre-conference session on finance and HR essentials.

Central Office leaders have to work closely together to review trends, identify essential needs, and forecast in order to make timely and informed decisions for the district’s overall success and sustainability. Work with your human resources and finance teams in this session to identify critical decision-making strategies necessary to best position your district financially, while providing students with the best staff and academic success.

HR Expert Carol Diglio, and CPA Don Sovey will lead this four-hour session from 8 a.m. to Noon on Wednesday, January 22. This is a two-part session.

Weigh in on the next MASA executive director

Representatives from School Exec Connect, the search firm hired by the Executive Board to find the next MASA executive director, will be available in Brule B (level 5) on Wednesday and Thursday of the conference. Stop in during your free time or during a learning session to share the qualities you would like to see in the next executive director.

Once the conference officially starts, hear from students from across Metro-Detroit as they discuss statewide student survey data.

This session will focus on student voice and student agency. In this session, a facilitated genuine, authentic conversation with young people will take place. Participants in this conversation are expected to come with an open mind and open ears, ready to have difficult conversations with young people. The first part of the session will have a fishbowl containing only students to discuss their experience and observations as it relates to the survey data that they previously discussed. A fishbowl contains two concentric circles where the inner circle has the floor to speak and the outside circle only listens. We’ll also be oriented in a solutions-based manner, hoping to provide insight into ways that superintendents and administrators can support student voice and agency. Following this student fishbowl, students and administrators will engage in a large group conversation.

This session will be supported by Dr. RJ Webber, Dary Hoppenstedt, Naomi Khalil, Jason Almerigi, Marina Ackerman, and Meaghan Wheat from Novi Community School District.

Next, you’ll head to concurrent learning sessions focused on a variety of topics.

Prepare for MICIP implementation, learn about a district that partnered with a community organization to create peer mentors, figure out the best way to utilize the skills of school counselors in your district, learn how to build classroom culture where all students grow to love learning, see how you can use your school library as a place of support, get the tools to work with your school board to support the Whole Child Approach, and so much more.

See the full agenda to see all of the session descriptions.

Hear from an expert on children’s mental health and trauma and get an update from the State Superintendent.

If you joined us this Fall in Traverse City, you’ll recognize this familiar face.

Dr. Stephanie Grant will join us again at the Midwinter Conference to will discuss common symptoms related to neurodevelopmental trauma that are often seen in school environments and why they may be present. She will also discuss why relationship-based strategies that focus on co-regulation are both important and effective, providing examples for what those strategies can look like and how they can be implemented in a classroom without creating significant disruption in the learning environment or consuming large amounts of time.

Dr. Michael Rice will also speak during this session and expand on the thoughts in his new role that he shared in the fall.

Get the legislative perspective.

In addition to a legislative update from Peter Spadafore on Thursday, a representative from the School Superintendents Association (AASA) will join us on Friday to share the national perspective on education policy and legislative affairs. Sasha Pudelski, advocacy director for AASA, will provide an update on federal education legislation, what’s happening at the U.S. Department of Education & more.

We’ll also have a legislative panel including Rep. Darrin Camilleri, Rep. Pamela Hornberger, Sen. Rosemary Bayer, and Sen. Wayne Schmidt.

See the full agenda and register today!

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