In today’s memo:

  • School Closure and Assemblage Bans
  • MELG Statement on School Closure
  • Spring Break
  • Food Service Guidance from MDE
  • Compliance Requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

School Closure and Assemblage Bans

Today, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-5 to cancel all events over 250 people and all assemblages in shared spaces over 250 people beginning on Friday, March 13 at 5:00pm and ending on Sunday, April 5 at 5:00pm. The governor’s executive order also closes all K-12 school buildings to students from Monday, March 16 until Sunday, April 5. Childcare facilities will remain open during this time, whether they are attached to schools or free standing.

Under this executive order, all events and shared-space assemblages of more than 250 people are temporarily prohibited in the state. Certain assemblages are exempt from this prohibition, such as those for the purpose of: industrial or manufacturing work, mass transit, or the purchase of groceries or consumer goods.

MELG Statement on School Closure

In response to the governor’s orders of last night and today, the executive directors of Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators, Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators, Michigan Association of School Boards, released this statement.

Spring Break

MASA has heard from many districts concerned about a spring break that falls outside of the mandated closure period. MASA is encouraging members to attempt to move your spring break to fall inside of the gubernatorially mandated school closure. We understand this presents many challenges and may be impossible for some. However, the Michigan Department of Education and Gov. Whitmer are advising this course of action and we support that advice. Our hope is that your labor leaders and your community will understand the extraordinary circumstances that have led us to this point.

To that end, please complete this survey so we can determine where districts are relative to their scheduled spring break.

Food Service Guidance from MDE

Today, the Michigan Department of Education held a conference call with district leaders related to food service during the mandated shutdown period for schools. The call was very informative on MDE’s waiver to the US Department of Agriculture related to noncongregate feeding. At this time the Department is waiting for approval from the US Department of Agriculture. As soon as their waiver is approved and guidance is shared, we will include that in our next memo.

Compliance Requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has received a number of inquiries regarding a mandated closure of schools due to a state or federally declared public health emergency and the potential impact of such a closure on IDEA and MARSE compliance requirements and the delivery of special education programs and services.

MASA COVID-19 Resource Center

As a reminder, please visit MASA’s COVID-19 Resource Center for the latest information and resources to help during this period of time.