MASA COVID-19 Update – April 8, 2020
You probably saw in the news that the Michigan Legislature extended the state’s emergency declaration through April 30, 2020. This means they will likely have to return to Lansing if the outbreak continues and the order needs to be extended. Separate from this is the Governor’s Stay at Home order, which she is rumored to announce the extension of tomorrow.
Please continue to stay safe and healthy and wash your hands.
Best of luck to all of you as you are working to create your Continuity of Learning Plans during the next few weeks. A reminder to please reach out to your ISD or RESA with any questions about the template or your plan.
As we noted in Monday’s update, this update will shift from daily to three times each week so we can continue to meet member needs without bombarding your inboxes. Look for updates from MASA on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Please continue to feel free to share the information in this update with anyone in your organization or network who could use it. Further, if there is information or resources you think should be included in an upcoming update or on the MASA COVID-19 resource center, please send them to Haley Jones for consideration.
In this update:
Best Practices for School Food Service Providing Meals During COVID-19 Outbreak
MDE on Tuesday released a joint Best Practices document with the Michigan Department of Agriculture about school food service providing meals during the COVID-19 outbreak. The document is intended to help school nutrition and meal transportation personnel make informed decisions about the virus to minimize the risk of exposure to staff and their families, as well as the children and families receiving meals.
Q&A Guide for Michigan’s 2019-20 Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plans
A “Questions and Answers document for Michigan’s 2019-20 Continuity of Learning and COVID-19 Response Plans” is now available from MAISA. This living document is a plain-language guide intended to answer commonly asked questions about implementing the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-35. It will be updated as new questions are asked/answered, or existing questions/answers are modified/clarified. Note: It does not supersede EO 2020-35 nor replace legal counsel. Remember to do your due diligence as you implement your Plans.
As we move forward, you are encouraged to please:
  • Read the Q & A,
  • Submit questions that you’d like to have answered and posted to this dynamic document to: Question Form, and
  • Share the link with your school district staff, families, the media, legislators, and your community.
MASA/Thrun Legal Webinar ThursdayWebinarSmall_1024925.png
In case you missed it, MASA and Thrun Law Firm will host a FREE webinar to discuss the new set of personnel and legal issues that have surfaced after Gov. Whitmer closed school buildings for the remainder of the school year.
The webinar will be held for all MASA members at 9 a.m. on Thursday, with attorneys Lisa Swem and Cristina Patzelt. Attendees will earn 1 SCECH for this webinar. A form will be emailed to participants after the session.

Reminder: If you have questions related to the governor’s EO (e.g. personnel, food service, elections, virtual board meetings, student promotion, etc.), MASA created a survey to collect questions so they can be addressed in future virtual meetings and/or updates.

For questions about the Continuity of Learning Plan, please contact your ISD/RESA.
Resource Center
Learning happens outside of the classroom, too! Take a look at the resources below that will keep students and parents engaged when the homework is done.
Detroit PBS Kids
Detroit PBS Kids releases a newsletter daily that includes resources for kids at every grade level and parents!
Find the newsletter and other educational resources on their website. 
The schedule for Detroit Public Television’s educational programming is also available on the site.
MDE Online Instructional Resources
MDE is providing optional resources to assist local districts with additional learning experiences for students during this time. The intent of these resources is to assist with supplemental online distance and virtual learning opportunities for all students.
Resources are available for every grade level and subject.
Saginaw ISD Family Engagement Guide
Saginaw ISD educational experts sorted through hundreds and hundreds of online tools and resources in order to prepare a complete list of top-notch, best-rated apps and websites to help you keep students engaged.
A look at the hard work happening in school districts across the state. Use the hashtag #SchoolsGetItDone on Facebook and Twitter and share what your district is doing to support students.
Get Help With Your Student Loans with GotZoom
MASA member districts can take advantage of this member benefit that can help you reduce your student loan burden by up to 65 percent.
With the recent passage of the federal CARES Act, GotZoom can help you and your staff figure out how your/their student loans will be impacted.

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