MASA COVID-19 Update – April 22, 2020
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In this update:
ICYMI: MASA School Finance Webinar
MASA and officials from the State Budget Office hosted a discussion on the state budget and school aid on Monday. The materials from the webinar are available below.

Public, Private Colleges and Universities Join to Encourage Fall Enrollees

Associations representing 40 of Michigan’s public and independent non-profit higher education institutions have partnered to remind those who have been admitted to or are considering enrolling in college this fall that schools are moving forward with planning for this fall’s opening, COVID-19 notwithstanding.
A joint fact sheet developed by the Michigan Association of State Universities and the Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities provides names of key points of contacts, phone and email information, and web sites with up-to-date admissions details for one-stop shopping about enrollment and admission plans for schools from Adrian College to Western Michigan University. It is available on the MASU and MICU websites, and has been shared with education groups with reach around the state.
“We want to make sure every person thinking of enrolling in college, or anybody with questions about the fall opening plans of a school, has an easy way to get the most up-to-date information,” said Dan Hurley, CEO of the Michigan Association of State Universities.


Robert Lefevre, president of the Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities, said schools want to make sure no student is left behind in their quest for higher education. “We want students to know our schools are there for them, financial aid officials are available to help make college affordable and plans are moving forward for the start of the school year in the fall.”
Some high school seniors may be hesitating to contact universities about enrolling, unsure about their status as K-12 schools around the state have been closed. Others might be worried about changing financial situations and whether they can afford college. Some who have been admitted may not be certain about the plans for opening.
This Michigan college admissions resource provides students, and their parents or guardians, along with school counselors who may be working with prospective college enrollees the best places to get answers to their questions.
Notification of Waivers Associated with Teacher Certifications and Permits
On Tuesday, MDE provided guidance regarding teacher certifications and permits. MDE will share information with educators affected by these changes directly via the email address that educators have provided in the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS).
Please encourage educators to keep contact information up-to-date in MOECS in order to receive critical information.
The memo from MDE provides detail about daily substitute permits, CPR/First Aid requirements for certification, and temporary one-year certificates for in-state and out-of-state candidates.
Latest MDE Resources
MDE has released several resources during the past week.
MDE Pandemic EBT Webinar Materials
On Friday, MDE hosted two webinars focused on the Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) Program. The slides from the webinar are now available online.
CTE Virtual Delivery Guidance to Support Gov. Whitmer’s Executive Order
Providing education in a virtual delivery format represents a significant challenge, especially for CTE educators. While virtual learning cannot replace the hands-on instructional experience, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Office of Career and Technical Education (OCTE) recommends teachers review the programspecific Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Gap Analysis and identify standards that may be delivered virtually. In some instances, a greater depth of instruction may be provided in a virtual format and in other instances the virtual format may reinforce previous instruction. Based on the available virtual delivery options, teachers should be mindful to address all 12 segments as practicable.
Each state-approved program is required to incorporate four components:
  1. Integration of academic and technical skills to support core knowledge needs
  2. Laboratory hands-on learning to develop skills
  3. Work-based learning opportunities to further develop and apply skills
  4. Student leadership to support employability and career readiness skills
School Stability for Students Experiencing Foster Care During the Mandatory School Closures
For students who are in foster care and who may have a foster care home placement move during the extended time of school closure, MDE and MDHHS advise that these students should remain enrolled in the local school district they were attending prior to the March 13, 2020 and the initial closure of PK-12 schools. Students remaining with their previously enrolled district and being a part of that district’s Continuity of Learning Plan ensures stability and consistency for the student. Read the memo.
Early Middle College (EMC) Requirements FAQ During COVID-19 Closure
The governor has ordered the closure of all face-to-face K-12 instruction for the remainder of the school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is an update to the EMC required closure MEMO #COVID-19-007 EMC Requirements During COVID-19 Closure. Read the FAQ.
Career and Technical Education Requirements FAQ During COVID-19 Closure – Updated
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor ordered the closure of all schools for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. This includes all State Approved career and technical education (CTE) programs directly run by intermediate school districts (ISDs) and local education agencies. The is an update to MDE MEMO #COVID-19-022 Career and Technical Education Requirements During COVID-19 Closure. Read the FAQ.
Resource Center
Learning happens outside of the classroom, too! Take a look at the resources below that will keep students and parents engaged when the homework is done, as well as tools that will help school leaders during this unprecedented time.
MASA’s Excutive Order FAQ
We know you have many questions regarding the Executive Order suspending in-person instruction for the remainder of the school year. To help get answers, MASA staff have worked with the governor’s office, Thrun Law Firm, MDE, and other partners to create an FAQ document. This FAQ was shared last week, as well.
These are the most complete answers we have at this time, they should in no way be taken as legal advice or binding. For specific advice, please consult your legal counsel.
National Geographic PD
K-12 educators can access high-quality professional development from National Geographic.
They offer online courses, microcredentials, and grants for educators, as well as a national network of K-12 teachers to interact with.
The group’s Educator Certification program equips educators with the resources and training needed to teach students about the world in innovative, interdisciplinary ways.
SHAPE America Health & P.E. Resources
SHAPE America is dedicated to helping physical education and health education teachers across the country as many schools and school districts are moving to distance learning due to COVID-19. The Ready to Go Take Home Packet is designed for teachers to download so they have a collection of ready to use activities that they do not have to spend time searching for. The secondary activities in this packet do not require internet and include physical education and health education that are designed to be done over the course of a week.
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