AASA, the National Superintendents Association, recently announced an initiative that will enhance state-based AASA associations to “optimize, expand, and formalize their existing communities of practice.”

Through the AASA State Communities of Practice (AASA-SCoP), five AASA state associations will work together to share collective insights, recommendations, and action plans related to leading education during COVID-19. This work will be funded through a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

MASA was selected as one of the state associations to participate in this work, alongside Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. Participating association members will contribute to the development of and access to a range of electronic resources related to problems of practice, including issues of equity and disproportionality revealed by the recent pandemic.

“We are thrilled to work with our national colleagues to build our capacity and develop resources to be used by educators across the country. This is a unique time in our nation’s history, and Michigan should have a seat at the table as we work together to change the look and feel of school in this new normal,” MASA Executive Director Dr. Tina Kerr said.

Project outcomes include:

  1. Build the capacity of five AASA state affiliate associations to optimize, expand, and formalize existing communities of practice to support more rapid collaboration and communication for district superintendents as they respond to challenges and related problems of practice.
  2. Expand the national knowledge base concerning how educational communities of practice can effectively and efficiently address problems of practice, including long-range impact of crises and trauma that impact the health, safety, and social-emotional well-being of students, staff, and parents.
  3. Develop replicable electronic resources that can be used by educational leaders to address issues revealed through the Community of Practice (CoP) discussions, including equity and disproportionality issues that have been highlighted in the global pandemic. Resources will be shared, including “Points of Light” to showcase exemplary AASA affiliated state associations, districts, and schools.

AASA will disseminate findings through its network of state affiliates and school district leaders. Learn more about the project by clicking on the executive summary above.