Connecting your School Community Through Parent Engagement

Over the last year, finding community and building connections has been harder than ever before in our districts. Whether it’s a classroom trying to communicate about parent-teacher conferences or a district meeting, it seems like messages are easy to lose and it’s hard to really build relationships.

That’s why our team here at ClassTag is so proud to support hundreds of schools and classrooms across Michigan, helping bring communities closer together and make sure no student falls behind as we try to get back in the swing of things.

If you haven’t heard of ClassTag before, we are a community engagement platform that helps districts facilitate parent communication and analyze communication data to see which families might need additional support. The platform also has robust parent-communication tracking that fulfills Michigan’s family involvement policies and a reporting suite to help districts and schools comply with Title 1 parent engagement requirements.

One district success story we’d love to share with you is from Ventana Ranch.

Ventana Ranch Elementary serves PreK-5th grade students with diverse needs and backgrounds. As their school changed from remote learning to in-person learning, the need for cohesive parent communication reached a new level. Using various communication platforms, including monthly paper newsletters, robocalls, emails, and more, parents became more and more confused about where to focus their attention.

Due to the lack of consistency from grade level to grade level, administrators were also concerned that some families were not receiving important information. With several teachers successfully using ClassTag already, administrators gathered feedback and decided to give ClassTag’s new offering, ClassTag Connect, a try.

Knowing the importance of consistent communication, Ventana Ranch moved all its communications to ClassTag at the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. The mantra of “Everything’s on ClassTag” has helped keep communication cohesive and streamlined. Additionally, ClassTag’s automatic translation in 100+ languages ensures parents not only receive communications, but they can take an active role in their child’s education.

“The single biggest benefit of using ClassTag Connect has been the consistency and ease of all our classes and parents knowing where communication is coming from. It is a quick and friendly way for parents to know what is happening during the school day.” – R.C., Vice Principal

Cutting-edge districts like Ventana Ranch all across the United States have recognized that streamlining communications across the district, school, and classroom into a single, easy-to-use platform provides critical organization and consistency, and fosters the necessary community that leads to true family engagement.

ClassTag Connect is an all-in-one family engagement platform for district administrators, principals, and teachers. The platform helps administrators fuel meaningful and equitable family engagement unifying classroom, school, district, and urgent communications while providing actionable analytics and seamless integrations with the district’s existing technologies.

ClassTag Connect unifies communication across an entire district like never before with:

  • Emergency notifications instantly routed to all contacts
  • Automatic content monitoring to identify threats and cyberbullying
  • Comprehensive reports provide actionable insights into key issues, including:
    • Family Reach and Readership
    • Two-way Engagement
    • Events and Parent-Teacher Conference Participation
    • Communications Effectiveness
    • Teacher Effectiveness
  • Two-way engagement to go beyond mass notifications and hear from parents directly via group messages and comments
  • Smart reminders for events, conferences, and sign-ups
  • Easy adoption and integration with SIS, Clever, Classlink

Excited to learn how you can expand your district’s engagement and streamline communication? Contact Chase Numbers, District Partnerships Manager, at (248) 938-0057 or

*Available now through August 1, MASA member districts that sign on for a one-year contract with ClassTag Connect will receive a 20% discount off the annual subscription fee.