Ready to Follow Your Path?

For many education leaders, whether current or aspiring superintendents, professional learning feels either too time consuming, not flexible enough, or like it was designed for someone else. MASA is pleased to introduce the new HORIZON Leadership Academies to address this challenge—so that you are ready for today and tomorrow.

Personalize Your Learning Journey

MASA now offers HORIZON Leadership Academies for enhancement for current or aspiring superintendents. Coming soon, we will also host an academy dedicated to the needs of first-line administrators, as well as a microcredentialing academy that extends learning for all administrators in areas of greatest need. Wherever you are on your path, MASA is ready to help you chart your course.


  • Achieve your potential and pursue enhancement
  • Engage in interactive learning that offers innovative curricula* and resources to achieve that “edge” in the school administrator profession

*Aligns with the Michigan Standards for the Preparation of Central Office Administrators


  • 1 full year, with 10 full days (60 hours) of learning
  • Renew your credentials every 5 years


  • $2,000 per member
  • $2,300 per non-member


Horizon Navigate Leadership, starting in June 2017: Online registration is open

Horizon Sustain Excellence, starting Fall 2017: Online registration is open

Learn More About Future Sessions

If you are interested in getting more information about future sessions of Navigate Leadership or Sustain Excellence, please fill out this form.