The Michigan Department of Education launched Cohort 2, Phase 2 of The African American Student Initiative (TAASI): Race, Power, and Privilege. In this session, participants will explore the topic of White Supremacy in Schools.

Throughout the series, discussion will center on cultural proficiency, which is about learning to respect our own and other’s identities, celebrating cultural differences, mitigating marginalization, disparities, and disproportionality, while systemically integrating behavior that establishes standards for practice that promote cultural diversity, equity and inclusion.

Outcomes for Phase 2:

  • To use cultural proficiency to understand and change the dialogue of race, power, and privilege in schools and districts;
  • To intentionally increase reflective practices during the decision-making process that promote sustainable, positive, and equitable changes in schools and districts; and
  • To share, dialogue, and learn with one another about our unique truths and perspectives about race, power, and privilege in schools and districts.

Event details

  • When: Jan. 16, 9:00 a.m. to noon
  • Where: UrbanBeat Event Center, 1213 Turner Street, Lansing, MI 48906

Upcoming Lansing dates and topics

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  • March 6: Family and Community Engagement
  • May 15: Editorial of Educational Policies

For more information, contact Dr. Theresa Saunders via email or at (517) 241-9566 or Dr. Jill Griffin via email or at (517) 335-3064.