Continuously Improving to Support Learning and Learners

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November 19 Session Descriptions

Day One: Digging Deeper into Continuous Improvement Planning Process

Learn More About:

  • Focus on Systems
  • Supports Based on Needs
  • Whole Child
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Consolidated Application
  • Theory of Action

There will be breakout sessions on various topics throughout the day. Sessions will focus on digging deeper into and being more intentional about the Continuous Improvement Process.


Nov. 19-20


Lansing Center
333 E. Michigan Ave.
Lansing, MI 48933

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Full conference: $335
Day 1 only: $175
Day 2 only: $175


Day Two: Featuring Keynote Speaker LeAnn Nickelsen, M.Ed.

Session 1

Double the Speed of Learning; Formative

Assessment as part of a balanced assessment system

Understanding the needs of each student is an essential component of high quality differentiated instruction.  Formative assessment as part of a balanced assessment system is one of the keys to that understanding.  This is critical for all students, including those who come from poverty.  Keynote Speaker LeAnn Nickelsen, M.Ed. continues this theme from past years as she addresses how much formative assessment can change a classroom, grade level, or an entire school and district!

Session 2

What are the components of a high-quality system?  What is meant by systemic thinking?  What is necessary to move from isolated thinking to systemic thinking? Participants will dig more deeply into this topic in a facilitated session that will also feature testimonials from schools and districts that are successfully implementing systemic thinking.


Overnight Accommodations are available at the Radisson Lansing at the Capitol  1-800-333-3333 or 517-482-0188.  Overnight room rate $119.95.  MDE School Improvement Block of Rooms.  Also online at  Use Promotional Code OSIC18.  Radisson is located at 111 N. Grand Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933.

LeAnn Nickelsen, M.Ed. is a former teacher of the year, a Jensen-certified, brain-research trainer for over 20 years and has authored over 13 practical books including Deeper Learning: 7 Powerful Strategies for In-Depth and Longer-Lasting Learning (co-authored with Eric Jensen).