The Michigan Department of Education will host the Fall 2020 Virtual Continuous Improvement Conference on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

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Brave New World
State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice will share thoughts on the adjustments everyone has made during these challenging times, and how even during a pandemic, we still need to focus on mid- and long-term planning and the necessity to continue focusing on meeting children’s needs.


Leading for Equity:  How leaders move beyond “school improvement” to school transformation toward a just, inclusive, and quality education for all! 
In her keynote address, Dr. Seena M. Skelton, Director of Operations for the Midwest & Plains Equity Assistance Center at Indiana University, draws from scholarship and research in critical praxis, systems change, and educational justice to discuss essential shifts in leadership practices needed for equity-centered transformative change in school systems. Dr. Skelton will examine the implications for policy development and implementation, school structures and practices, and continuous improvement activities.

The first set of breakout sessions will take place from 10:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  At the end of each session there will be time for Q & A with presenters.

  1. Beyond “Buy in”:  Leading to Achieve Collective Commitment Across the System for Engaging in Transformative Change Toward Equity
  2. I Gave You a Chromebook; Now What?!
  3. What Is It About US That You Can’t Teach?
  4. The Aftermath: Building Resilience Through Trauma-Informed Strategies Using the WSCC Model
  5. Teacher Wellness Matters: What’s Your System?
  6. Small Changes, Big Impact: Evidence-Based Policies and Practices to Avoid Further Marginalizing LGBTQ Students of Color
  7. The Educator Ecosystem: Updates and Strategies for Staffing for Equitable Access
  8. Pandemic-Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) and What We Learned About Student Data
  9. Computer Science = Opportunity = Equity
  10. The Michigan eLibrary: An Equitable Choice for all K-12 Students
  11. Dynamic Diversity Panels: Sharing Our Stories
  12. Addressing the Intersection of Equity and Continuous Improvement


The second set of concurrent breakout sessions will take place from 2:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. and will also allow time at the end for Q & A with presenters.

  1. Using Equitable Data Practices to Evaluate the Impact of Early Literacy Coaching
  2. From Data to Challenge: The MICIP Assess Needs Process
  3. Essential Instructional Practices for Disciplinary Literacy: Grades 6 to 12
  4. Looking at Data through an Equity Lens: Get Started, Get Better
  5. Using M-STEP Reports to Support Continuous Improvement
  6. Using MTSS to Create Systems for Equity and Continuous Improvement
  7. Integrated Supports for Equity and Access to Continuous Improvement
  8. Whole Child Resources: Identifying Needs to Achieve Equity
  9. Planning for Success:  A Guided Tour of Goals and Strategies
  10. Continuous Improvement 101
  11.  Reimagine Data-Driven Dialogue with MI School Data and Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process
  12. Creating Systems for Equity and Continuous Improvement



Registration is now open for the MDE Fall 2020 Virtual Continuous Improvement Conference. Registration is $125 per participant and includes SCECH credit. Registration will allow the registered participant access to the conference sessions for three weeks after the event. To register for the conference, please click on the link below and follow the registration instructions.