Districts often have more questions than answers when it comes to accurately measuring student growth and appropriately attributing that growth to educators.

This one-day workshop is intended for school and district administrators interested in adopting student growth practices that are compliant with legislative requirements described within MCL 380.1249 and MCL 380.1249b. You will be provided with guidance for measuring student growth using LEA selected assessments and state assessments. MDE consultants will shoulder partner to engage you with guidance and support for using MDE developed calculator tools, using observation data and student growth data to determine end-of-year ratings.

What to bring:

  • Access to district assessment data would be helpful to the participant but not required.
  • Laptops with access to the internet would be helpful to the participant but not required.
  • Knowledge of current and/or former educator evaluation and student growth measurement practices.
  • Be prepared to share your perspectives and experiences, as we will provide opportunities for administrators to work together to learn from practices of other administrators in the room as well as from the MDE consultants facilitating the session.

MELG Office Building
(MASB Conference Room)
1001 Centennial Way, Suite 400
Lansing, Michigan

$50 / participant