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Join the Women’s Leadership Network to share your own insights with your MASA colleagues and learn from others’ experiences on the job. Empowering district leaders to excel in their jobs is one of the services and supports that MASA offers to its members. The Women’s Leadership Network aims to support women in the superintendent’s office and other administrator posts by offering targeted professional development programs and unique opportunities to network with other women in positions of leadership in public education.

Women in Leadership Retreat

Mission Point

MASA partnered with MASSP to convene the Women in Leadership Retreat on Mackinac Island from May 11 to May 12. Women leaders came together to learn from one another and to share their experience and expertise. Superintendents, principals and leaders from community colleges created a dynamic audience for conference speaker Gilda Bonanno.

Gilda’s presentation focused on “Developing Leadership Presence.” Gilda is an skillful and engaging presenter. She has pitch-perfect comedic timing paired with wisdom and insight. She more than delivered on her stated goals for the Women in Leadership Retreat, which included:

  • Developing and demonstrating confidence in your leadership role
  • Building your communication skills, especially for different constituencies
  • Developing leadership competencies
  • Improving presentation skills and non-verbal communication
  • Networking and building professional connections
  • Becoming a role model to promote student learning

Gilda is a speaker, trainer and coach who helps people improve their presentation and communication skills so they can be more successful. She achieves these results by combining her business background with her improv comedy performance experience and a conviction that with the right training and practice, anyone can become a more effective communicator. Learn more at www.gildabonanno.com.

MASA members who were unable to attend the Women in Leadership Retreat can expect more events from the Women’s Leadership Network. We’ll keep you posted as new events are scheduled.

For more information about the Women’s Leadership Network, contact MASA Deputy Executive Director Tina Kerr.