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Action on MPSERS is expected today in the Michigan Senate 

Senate Bill 102 would close the MPSERS hybrid plan to all new education hires and force them into a 401(k)-style defined contribution plan. Doing so would be costly for districts and make it harder to hire the best and brightest talent to teach our students and run our schools. 

MASA opposes any action on this issue in the period of lame duck. Changing the retirement system is complex and requires careful deliberation. Lame duck is not the time to make sweeping changes.

We need your voice to stop this action in the Senate! 

Take action: Call your senator today!

Click here to get the contact information for your senator. 


Suggested MPSERS talking points

Chart showing loss of revenue by school district based on SB102

DTMB Presentation: Impacts of Closing the Hybrid Plan 

Peter Spadafore, MASA Associate Executive Director for Government Relations, speaks at the Senate Appropriations Committee Meeting on 11/30/2016