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Ban on automatic teacher union dues payroll deduction heads to Governor

The automatic deduction of union dues from a public school employee's paycheck would be prohibited under legislation passed today in the Senate.

The Senate passed HB 4929 on a 20-18 vote and giving it immediate effect, just hours after the Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing Committee reported it. However, the full senate did not pass the committee’s amendment that would have allowed school districts to continue with automatic payroll deduction if the union covered the cost of it. The bill does retain an amendment that inoculates the bill against a voter referendum. (The bill amends 1947 PA 336 by amending section 10 (MCL 423.210).)

MEA President Steven Cook immediately released a statement reacting to the bill. Text of that statement follows:

“Today the Michigan Legislature continued its assault on collective bargaining rights, passing legislation to prohibit school employees from paying their union dues through payroll deduction. This is a practice that has been used for years and is outlined in local collective bargaining agreements.  It is yet another case where lawmakers are restricting the rights of school employees and interfering in local control.

“I simply don’t believe that it is coincidence that this legislation, which has sat for months in the Senate, passed one day after a coalition of workers stood up for themselves and launched a petition drive to place a constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining on the November ballot.  It is blatant retaliation against one group of workers who insist on standing up, making their voices heard and fighting back against the attacks on collective bargaining, public education and the middle class.

“This legislation serves no purpose except to punish school employees and the unions that represent them.  It creates no jobs, saves no money for school districts, and does nothing to improve education.  It is a mean spirited political attack by Republican legislative leadership seeking retribution against those who politically oppose them.

"I strongly urge Governor Snyder to reject this political attack and veto House Bill 4929.”

After passage of the bill, MASA, MAISA, and MASB collaborated to send a letter to Governor Snyder asking for his veto of the bill. 

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