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Systemic School Reform Committee

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Committed to reforms that benefit all of Michigan’s 1.6 million students

The Systemic School Reform Committee (SSRC) was convened by the MASA Executive Board to study and think creatively about Michigan's educational governance and funding structures.

Since April 2013, the SSRC has worked collaboratively to deliver a comprehensive plan that would create a more logical and effective system to deliver the best possible education to all Michigan students, regardless of their zip code. The Executive Board selected 25 superintendents from among a pool of 40 applicants throughout the state. The Committee comprises a diverse group of thoughtful leaders who represent all types of districts in Michigan.

MASA's Lead Forward work provided a compelling vision for public education as well as specific legislative goals for immediate system improvement. Many of these legislative goals (ex: tenure reform, health insurance relief) have been realized.

Building on the vision and action steps in MASA's Lead Forward work, and informed by a vast collection of research and resources, the SSRC committee is moving MASA forward in planning for “P-20 systemic reform.”

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