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Systemic School Reform Committee

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Committed to reforms that benefit all of Michigan’s 1.6 million students 

The Systemic School Reform Committee (SSRC) was convened by the MASA Executive Board to study and think creatively about Michigan's educational governance and funding structures. The Committee comprised a diverse group of thoughtful leaders who represented all types of districts in Michigan. The committee submitted a critical report to the MASA Executive Board and Council in the Spring of 2014.

MASA's Lead Forward work provided a compelling vision for public education as well as specific legislative goals for immediate system improvement. Many of these legislative goals (ex: tenure reform, health insurance relief) have been realized.

Building on that vision and subsequent action steps, and informed by a vast collection of research and resources, the SSRC committee is moving MASA forward in planning for “P-20 systemic reform.”


The following is an update on the work of the Systemic School Reform Committee Strategy and Study Teams.  

Strategy Team

The Strategy Team met on December 15, 2014.  Below are some of the highlights:

  • For four of the recommendations, the Strategy Team requested and received unanimous endorsement by the MASA Executive Board and Council at their December 17th meetings:

    • 1a. equitable access to high quality 4 year old preschool
    • 1e. early access to college credit
    • 6. reduced redundancy in reporting
    • 7. incentive funding for consolidation
  • The Strategy Team also requested and received formal endorsement to support full funding for Year 4 of the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG).
  • The General Education Leadership Network (GELN) reported on its survey of best practices. 
  • Meetings have been scheduled for April and June.

Study Team

The Study Team convened on December 18, 2014. Below are some of the highlights:

  • All Study Team participants reported that their association’s leadership agreed to continue participating in discussions on three issues:  access to high quality education, a revenue and expense model, and regional collaboration.
  • Based on discussions with other states,  all agreed that the existing Study Team needs to be expanded to a larger coalition.
  • Legislation was passed in the Lame Duck session requiring the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget to "...enter into a contract for a comprehensive statewide cost study to determine the sufficient resources per pupil to provide a public education that enables a pupil to demonstrate successful completion, in terms of proficiency, of all the credit requirements of the Michigan Merit Standard..."  Since a revenue and expense model and adequacy study are key components of the SSRC recommendations, MASA will closely monitor this process and work to be involved in the development of the contract and to be a resource for the contractor.
  • The Study Team has now completed its current role of studying the issues related to the Study Team recommendations and proposing next steps.

For more detailed news on the Strategy and Study Teams, visit the Member Resources section, accessible below.

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