AASA is hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 21, with Sandy Hook Promise that is open to any/all school leaders about the new federal grant dollars that will be flowing from the Department of Justice to districts via the STOP School Violence Act. These new federal dollars can be used to train students and staff to identify, assess and respond to school safety threats, improve coordination with law enforcement, improve mental health, update response systems, and much more.

Click here to register for the webinar. Everyone who signs up will receive an archived copy of the webinar.

The STOP School Violence Act is providing $67 million in annual grants to state and local education agencies through the Bureau of Justice Assistance to bring evidence-based programs and strategies, learned since Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, to schools. These grants will help train millions of students to prevent school violence BEFORE a weapon ever enters a school campus.

These grants can be used to help schools take four specific actions, which you can learn more about here.

Allowable uses for the grants include:

  • Training students and staff to identify, assess, and respond to potential threats
  • Ensure the security of school property
  • Update or implement new reporting systems with notifications and information sharing
  • Develop close coordination with law enforcement and trained officials for crisis involvement
  • Educate students and school staff on indications of behaviors that might turn into violence
  • Educate students and staff of indications concerning mental health conditions

The mission of the STOP School Violence Act Program is to reduce violence and suicide in schools across the country.

Deadline to Apply for Grants is July 23

Apply for STOP School Violence Act funding by clicking here to download the grant information.