A free resource is available for teachers who want to tackle tough conversations on a level that works for the kids they’re trying to reach. Rocketoons provide a safe, kid-friendly approach to discussing important conversations about stressors (such as activity overload and bullying) in classroom students’ lives.

These cartoon-based conversation kits designed to give teachers maximum instructional flexibility with minimal interference from time-consuming preparation are now available to everyone in Michigan for free.

They are pedagogically sound primers for facilitating important discussions in the 21st-century classroom and were developed and used by teachers and counselors – in the classroom, in one-on-one sessions, or wherever there is a need to share cogent information and stimulate meaningful conversation.

According to Nancy Jaskiw MA, S.Psy.S., a school psychologist, “Research has shown that using cartoons enhances children’s participation and ability to process information. Rocketoons provide a brief, light-hearted approach, that is linked to the common core, and include follow-up discussion points that allow teachers to launch these important conversations.”Rocketoons will assist the classroom teacher and the students in making points, sharing a laugh, or both.

Presented in short four- or five-minute cartoons, these can be used with kids as an in-depth module on bullying, divorce, social media, or a variety of other timely topics that cause stress and disruption in the lives of students.

In the hands of caring and qualified teachers, Rocketoons can be exactly what teachers and students need them to be to facilitate meaningful classroom experiences with difficult topics.

Find out more about this innovative and creative way to have a classroom conversation, or Cartoonversation™, by visiting the Rocketoons website here: Rocketoons.com