New information has been sent out to those that signed up for Marshall Plan for Talent competitive innovation grants regarding the delay surrounding the grant submission process and related timelines that were previously announced.

According to the memo, Roger Curtis, Director of the Talent and Economic Development Department of Michigan indicates that interested parties should continue to move forward with their application process.

Following is the content of the most recent news release related to the Marshall Plan for Talent competitive innovation grants:

Dear partners in Michigan’s talent and education revolution,

We apologize for the delay surrounding the Marshall Plan for Talent grant submission process and timeline. We hope to overcome some recent challenges that we are addressing.

As always, has the most timely information and will be promptly updated throughout this process as new information becomes available.

Don’t worry: We will give you and your Talent Consortiums ample time to submit.

In the meantime, we have received a lot of questions from many of you asking about your progress: “Are we doing it right?” “Are we on the right track?” “Will this be accepted?”

To keep this process moving forward, we are happy to review your draft Concept Summaries from your consortiums and provide feedback on your progress. Please submit it to us at this email address:

Thank you for being a leader in Michigan’s talent development and education revolution. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we iron out some bumps in our steadfast commitment to making Michigan the best state in the country for talent and education.

Learn more and start your application process on the Marshall Plan for Talent website.