Summer is the perfect time to reflect on your professional growth and spend time focused on your professional development. MASA has numerous opportunities for you and your team!

PD for YOU

Get the support you need to thrive in your role as a superintendent with the help of a Mentor Coach. This immersive experience provides multi-tiered support for superintendents who are in the first three years of the superintendency.

MASA’s Mentor Coaching program pairs those experienced superintendents with new superintendents to help support them in the important work they do. Each Mentor Coaching pair will work together to identify areas of support for the new superintendent, and customize each coaching experience based on those needs. The multi-tiered support provided by mentor coaches includes face-to-face meetings, as well as ongoing support via email and phone calls.



MASA can help your district achieve its goals, improve student outcomes, and become more efficient and effective through Strategic Action Planning.

MASA Does This Through Three Steps

  1. Fact-Finding
  2. Data Collection & Identification of Pockets of Excellence
  3. Plan Writing

Through the MASA SAP Process, an association staff member will work with district superintendents and their team to mentor and coach them throughout the process, write their SAP, and finalize the SAP process. This takes place over a six month period.

Learn more about both of these programs and sign up by contacting Dr. Tina Kerr at