The Michigan Lottery was created in 1972 to generate revenue for public education in Michigan. Since then, the Lottery has continuously strived to introduce new and entertaining ways for players to enjoy the chance of winning big – and the certainty of helping our schools.

The Lottery has contributed more than $23 billion for Michigan schools through Fiscal Year 2019, more than $4 billion of which was generated in the last five years alone:

  • FY15 – $795,501,693
  • FY16 – $888,906,596
  • FY17 – $924,106,134
  • FY18 – $ 941,282,590
  • FY19 – $1,070,649,555

FY19 was the first year that Lottery contributed $1 billion to the School Aid Fund in a single fiscal year. It also was Lottery’s fifth record-setting year for School Aid Fund contributions in row. Lottery’s FY19 contribution equates to approximately: 7% of state revenue to the School Aid Fund; raising $2.9 million for schools each day; $700 for each of Michigan’s 1.5 million K-12 students.

Last year’s results are currently being finalized, but contributions to schools will have exceeded $1 billion for a second consecutive year and will likely be the sixth record-setting year for school support.

In addition to generating revenue for schools, the 10,000-plus businesses across Michigan that sell Lottery games received more than $358 million in sales commissions in FY19 and players won nearly $2.4 billion in prizes. For every $1 spent on Lottery purchases, roughly: 27 cents goes to the School Aid Fund, 61 cents goes to prizes for players, and 9 cents goes to retailer and vendor commissions.

We recognize the challenges facing educators today, and the Lottery is proud to support Michigan public schools and the important work you do. In 2021, we look forward to another successful year and support for public schools across the state.