Ty Miller
Senior Program Director, Schneider Electric

The last few months have been draining, but I’ve been keeping a keen eye open for silver linings and I’m  excited to connect with you about one of them: available funding to help you keep your students and staff healthy and productive.

Watch this 59 second video to learn what a healthy building is and find out whether your schools are healthy

The Federal government is seriously committed to providing funding to help schools reopen and stay open:

  • $600M approved in December for Michigan Schools
  • Use it in 2021 or lose it for the gov to reallocate elsewhere!

There is state legislation that hundreds of Districts have been using for decades to modernize without a bond vote or budget cuts.

Don’t take our word for it: register for our webinar on February 11 to learn how it works from a Superintendent.


Ty Miller
Sr. Program Director
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