Many educators, parents, and students are understandably struggling in the online learning environment. Uncertainty, new technologies, competing priorities, isolation, and disrupted households lead to stress and worry for parents and students. Teachers and administrators are feeling the same pressures. According to USA Today, “the National Education Association…found that 28% of educators said the pandemic made them more likely to leave teaching.”

But astute educators are witnessing an opportunity to serve students who may have traditionally fallen through the cracks in physical schools, and parents of these children are seeing their students thrive in ways previously unknown. Many learners are realizing benefits from online learning that have educators rethinking what K-12 school is, and an increasing number of parents are demanding flexible, online learning options beyond the impact of the pandemic.

“There’s no going back now.”

According to a recent Education Week article, Pedro Martinez, the San Antonio public school superintendent, stated that there was no going back from remote learning, and that voters in his district recently approved an investment in new technology to support their online program. Districts are looking for affordable, time-tested partnerships to improve online learning and meet the demands of learners.

Through the right partnership, the new normal can get much closer to the old normal, and partnering with an organization like Pearson can ​help you identify the right solution. With the support of certified teachers (or training for your teachers), standards-based online curriculum, a powerful learning platform, and decades of online learning experience, you can see how Pearson can help you implement a program you can be proud of.

A partnership with Pearson can provide:

  • a virtual or blended program through our all-in-one school management system using your teachers or Pearson’s instructors to supplement your program
  • hundreds of online K-12 courses including core subjects, credit recovery, electives, gifted and talented, honors, Advanced Placement®, world languages, CTE courses, and more
  • Optional certified instructional support from our experienced teachers and live tutor support in core subjects in grades K-12

Combating learning loss? Online summer school may help close the gap.

It has been a school year like no other, and while districts’ remote learning options were accelerated for this school year, the need for online K-12 core and credit recovery courses will continue past June. Districts can offer additional online learning options for Summer 2021. Many states and districts are anticipating funding allocations which may include providing classroom instruction or online learning during the summer months.

Offering a variety of course options addresses the whole academic community

Pearson can help you provide an online summer school option to address the needs of all learners, including:

  • Elementary and middle students struggling in core subjects,
  • High school students needing core, electives, or credit recovery,
  • At-risk students who have fallen behind in the hybrid or online learning environment,
  • Elementary and middle-school Summer Smarts reading and math courses which include placement assessment, goal-setting, and regular check-ins,
  • And even students who need NCAA-eligible courses.

Pearson offers a catalog of K–12 courses, for either your teachers or Pearson certified teachers to provide instruction. Focused summer learning can help get students back on track.

For more information, please contact our Pearson district partnerships specialist, Maribeth Tulenko (