As the school year begins, Neola recognizes that the global pandemic continues to impact the way each district, administrator, teacher, and support staff member provide services to students, and as much as we want this pandemic to be over and done with, the last few months have shown us that the pandemic is not yet a thing of the past.  We know that school administrators are diligently working to develop operational plans and guidelines for the upcoming school year with a particular focus on safe in-person learning. Furthermore, Neola recognizes that the mission of districts, school administrators and members of the local school board is to provide high quality education, leadership, and support services, as well as advocate for an equitable and exceptional public education for the students in their community.

Neola also knows how important maintaining effective policies are at the core of successful district governance.  These policies should reflect both local oversight and ever-changing state and federal laws as well as the mandates of regulatory agencies. This can be an enormous task, but as MASB’s policy provider we are confident that the materials that are provided will keep the board’s policies current and compliant and the district’s administrators, teachers, and support staff are able to focus on what is most important – educating the children in their care.

The first regular update of the school year (Volume 36 Number 1) will be issued in September and addresses a variety of topics that have a significant impact on districts.

Those topics include but are not limited to:

  1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Public Schools (Legal Alert);
  2. Update on Title IX Implementation and Enforcement (Legal Alert);
  3. S. Supreme Court Ruling on Student Off-Campus Speech (Legal Alert);
  4. School-Sponsored Student Publications and Productions (Policy, Administrative Guideline, Toolkit);
  5. Cost Principles – Spending Federal Funds [EDGAR] (Policy Revision)
  6. Personnel Records (Policy Revision);
  7. Public Records (Policy Revision);
  8. Student Records (Policy Revision).

As this Update “season” gets underway, Neola offers some suggestions for current clients to access the comprehensive policy services through your Neola Associate.  While “in-person” consultation sessions are the preferred method for Neola Update “visits”, the means by which you and your Neola Associate accomplish this review should be mutually determined based on availability and level of comfort with the consultation process.  Overall, health and safety are the primary concerns. Your Neola Associate will be in contact with you soon to discuss these options with you and to schedule an appointment to review this update and ensure you are current on this and previous updates.

Neola strives to provide your district with a level of service and support that meets your compliance needs, addresses the issues facing your schools, and exceeds your expectations.  Best wishes for safety, good health, and a successful 2021-2022 school year.

To the districts who utilize Neola to provide your policy service – thank you, we are proud to be your policy provider. To any district administrator who is interested in our comprehensive policy and administrative guideline service, please do not hesitate to contact us at