The K-12 education landscape is changing, and D2L Brightspace can help. Brightspace is an innovative learning management system (LMS) built to help you create highly personalized experiences that unlock learner potential at scale.

With the pandemic, the past two years have seen a significant increase in technology-enabled learning and, while it began out of necessity, it’s resulted in a fundamental shift in how we view modern education.

Great teaching and learning practices are now more important than ever, and the right LMS can be your partner in modern education, helping you achieve your district goals and support this new technology-enabled education landscape.

“Parents know that we can do things differently, they know we can be more flexible. This is going to become the new educational model of the future. LMSs are not a pandemic thing.”John VanWagoner, Superintendent, Traverse City Area Public Schools

With this educational model of the future comes a shift in the tools required to support modern learning needs.

D2L has been a trusted partner in Michigan since 2009 and is here to help you in reaching Michigan’s Top 10 Strategic Education Plan goals to support all learners.

So how can Brightspace help support your district’s needs? 

  1. Personalized learning for every student

Not all students learn the same way or at the same pace. A solution that works for your youngest learners will need to be adapted to fit the needs of your most independent. Every learner is unique with their own set of needs, and your technology should reflect that to help all students succeed.

“We need to push personalized learning farther for students, and then push to the next level with learning portfolios for project-based experiences to really show the value of personalization. We need Brightspace for that. This way of learning is here to stay.” – Dan O’Connor, Superintendent, Alcona Community Schools

Since 2018, Alpena Public Schools has embraced Brightspace to create intuitive online and blended courses, support project-based learning and provide students with more learning choices.

Whether your goals are to personalize support for every learner or expand early childhood learning opportunities and improve early literacy achievement, Brightspace offers a personalized experience to fit your students’ and your district’s needs.

  1. Anytime, anywhere teaching and learning

Modern learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Whether it’s experiential learning or absences due to illness or inclement weather, students and teachers need a platform that moves with them. Brightspace offers your district the ability to provide access to education anytime, anywhere, both through disruptions and to supplement traditional learning.

  1. Supporting teachers in and out of the classroom

Teachers have had to overcome many challenges and changes in the past two years. Reducing workload stress and supporting teacher well-being are top priorities for many districts.

Workload stress can stem from a variety of places, and the need to learn and adopt many different technology tools can be one of them. The LearnPlatform EdTech Top 40 Mid-Year Report 2021-22 found that, on average, educators used 86 edtech solutions between August and December 2021.

With Brightspace, you can help reduce this stressor, saving teachers time and supporting them with one platform that does it all. Brightspace offers an all-in-one platform with fully integrated curriculum, real-time learning data, and seamless grading and student feedback. It also offers the ability to use the same platform for professional development. This means staff have access to the tools they need in one spot and have more time to spend doing what they love–teaching.

  1. Teaching aligned to the Michigan Assessment System

It’s important that your edtech is reflective of your situation, which is why, with Brightspace, you’re able to customize learning materials to align with Michigan standards. Whether you’re looking to have teachers create lessons that are curriculum aligned to prepare for Michigan state exams or track student achievement in learning to match state standards, Brightspace provides all students access to high-quality education aligned to your needs.

  1. The power of partnership

Support with education technology tools is important and should be ongoing. While Brightspace can help your district in meeting Michigan’s annual Top 10 Strategic Education Plan goals, it provides more than just a scalable, all-encompassing platform. Our mission is to partner with you to support your goals and align them with technology, encourage effective teaching and learning, and guide you through change.

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