Do you have a state-required Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) in place for your school district? Have you considered how COVID-19 might amend your plan? While most of us never expected to be involved in a full fledge pandemic, it has happened. We were not prepared for the magnitude of the impact of this virus on everyone. Education in schools has changed dramatically. Life after COVID 19 will be different. Managing the lessons learned during this event and putting into practice emergency response plans for remote learning and contagious diseases (COVID and others) will assist us in being more prepared for the next time.  Learn from safety experts how your EOP might address these key issues and keep children safe by addressing mental/emotional crisis prevention as well.

Host: Dr. Sarena Shivers, MASA
Presenters: Steve Hinkey, Joe Humphries and Carrie Kotecki, Compliance One Emergency Preparedness Team
Cost: $50 members/$65 non-members


                                           Steve Hinkey                               Joe Humphries                       Carrie Kotecki


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