Nominating your district leader for the MASA Superintendent of the Year Award is an opportunity to highlight exceptional and visionary leadership.

If you believe your superintendent is deserving of this award, it takes just a few minutes to begin this multi-step process that could lead to state and even national recognition for your hard-working district leader and your community.

Step 1: Nominate Your Superintendent

To nominate your superintendent for this honor, visit You will be required to register or login with previous credentials. Nominators will be prompted to enter information about their superintendent into a form and will be asked to answer this question: Please describe why you believe your candidate would be an excellent winner of the Michigan award, and, potentially, the AASA National Superintendent of the Year.

Deadline for nominations: No later than 5 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2023.

All Superintendent of the Year nominees will receive an email from AASA detailing the instructions they must follow to accept the nomination and move the process forward; see details below. A confirmation email also will be sent to nominators from AASA. (Note: Spam filters have been known to intercept the email to nominees, therefore it is encouraged for nominators to alert their superintendents that an email should be arriving in their inboxes.) If you do not receive an email from AASA, please contact MASA’s Marketing & Digital Media Specialist Haley Jones at

Step 2: Complete the Application

All nominees must complete an application to be considered for the MASA Superintendent of the Year Award.

The in-depth application asks for professional and education background and district information, as well as details of professional growth that have been exhibited. Additionally, applicants must answer four essay questions, submit a bio and provide an introduction video, that must not exceed two-minutes in length.

Deadline for applications: No later than 5 p.m. on Sept. 29, 2023.

The application can be found on the AASA’s website at

Step 3: Application Review by the MASA Selection Committee

The MASA Superintendent of the Year Selection Committee will review all candidates’ applications and convene in early October to choose the 2024 MASA Superintendent of the Year.

Step 4: Notification of Winner

MASA’s Michigan 2024 Superintendent of the Year Award will be announced no later than November 1. Additional state honors and events will occur throughout the school year.

The 2024 Michigan Superintendent of the Year will be entered into the running for the AASA National Superintendent of the Year Award. Four national finalists will be notified in December and will be virtually interviewed in January. The AASA 2024 National Superintendent of the Year will be announced in February at the AASA National Conference on Education in San Diego.