Staff | Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators

Tina Kerr, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Sarena Shivers, Ed.D.
Deputy Executive Director

Chelsey M.B. Martinez, M.S.
Chief of Staff
Director of Communications

Shawn Bishop, Ed.D.
Director of Research and Leadership Development

Matt Schueller
Director of Government Relations

Danielle Bach
Associate Director of
Member Services and Partnerships

Diane Dick, CMP, GMS
Associate Director of
Conferences and Events

Vanessa Fineis
Executive Assistant

Kim Fritz
Member Services Coordinator

Kayla Horton
Communications Coordinator

Phil Marrah
Creative Strategist

Carrie Platner
Professional Development Coordinator

Hannah Sweeney
Legislative Policy Analyst

Professional Learning Consultants

Brian Davis, Ph.D.
Horizon Leadership Academy
Mentor Coaching
Beyond Equity

Michele Lemire
Horizon Leadership Academy

Sara Shriver
School ADvance