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Strategic planning is for more than just the business world.

Did you know that effective strategic planning has shown to lead to increased student performance?

MASA’s three-step planning process will help your district achieve its goals, improve student outcomes, and become a more efficient and effective district.

What is Strategic Action Planning (SAP)?

Strategic planning is the process of setting goals, deciding on actions to achieve those goals and mobilizing the resources needed to take those actions. A strategic plan describes how those goals will be achieved and which resources will be used to achieve them.

MASA Does This Through Three Steps

  1. Fact-Finding
  2. Data Collection & Identification of Pockets of Excellence
  3. Plan Writing

Through the MASA SAP Process, an association staff member will work with district superintendents and their team to mentor and coach them throughout the process, write their SAP, and finalize the SAP process. This takes place over a six month period.

See an example SAP process.

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