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Register for MASA’s Mentoring Coaching program and get the support you need to thrive in your role as a superintendent. This immersive experience provides multi-tiered support for superintendents who are in the first three years of the superintendency.  Superintendents who participate in the New Superintendents Leadership Academy (NSLA) are automatically assigned a mentor as part of their academy participation and registration fee. Superintendents not part of NSLA are invoiced $1,000/year for participation.

As new superintendents step into leadership roles every school year, they realize there is a steep learning curve. Experienced superintendents who have been on the job for years are ready, willing, and able to lend the support they know every new superintendent needs.

MASA’s Mentor Coaching program pairs those experienced superintendents with new superintendents to help support them in the important work they do. Each Mentor Coaching pair will work together to identify areas of support for the new superintendent and customize each coaching experience based on those needs. The multi-tiered support provided by mentor coaches includes face-to-face or virtual meetings, as well as ongoing support via email and phone calls.

What did our superintendents report out who were coached last year?

  • Nearly 90%  reported that they made moderate-high progress toward their identified goals.
  • Nearly 80% reported that the attainment of their goals and a successful school year were attributed to having an executive coach walking alongside and with them throughout the year.
  • Nearly 90% reported that their coach was available when they needed them!

What can a client expect?

  • Individualized/confidential coaching from your mentor focusing on 1-2 prioritized areas of personal/professional growth throughout the school year
  • Gathering of relevant data to support your goals as you work with your school board, staff, and community
  • Clarification of goal outcomes by drawing upon the coaching partnership strengths and prior experiences
  • Development of alternative strategies to presenting situations
  • Perseverance in identifying issues and problems and seeking collective and thoughtful solutions
  • A thoughtful accountability partner

Become an MASA Mentor Coach

Interested in becoming an MASA Mentor Coach?

We’re hosting two FREE, virtual trainings for experienced superintendents who may be interested in becoming a mentor coach this school year.

What can a mentor expect?

  • Ongoing coaching with your client, typically 1-2 times/month for approximately 1-2 hrs each coaching session depending on the personal/professional growth goals identified
  • Ongoing communication as a thoughtful accountability partner to encourage and assess progress toward the identified goals in between coaching sessions
  • Stimulating data-gathering, understanding of presenting issues, collaboration on alternative strategies/approaches, drawing upon your prior experiences, new learning
  • Personal significance and reward as you give back to your profession
  • A monetary stipend

More information

For more information, contact MASA Associate Executive Director of Professional Learning Dr. Brian Davis at or (517) 885-3089.