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MASA’s governing bodies span 10 regions and consist of an Executive Board, Council, and three Standing Committees. 






The Executive Board is comprised of seven members elected from across the state who work closely with MASA leadership to oversee the daily operations of the organization.

2023-24 Executive Board Members

  • President: Dr. Glenn Maleyko, Dearborn Public Schools (Region 9)
  • President-Elect: Katy Xenakis-Makowski, Johannesburg-Lewiston Schools (Region 2)
  • Past President: Angie McArthur, Eastern Upper Peninsula ISD (Region 1)
  • Director: Jason Kennedy, Fruitport Community Schools (Region 3)
  • Director: Ben Mainka, Novi Community Schools (Region 9)
  • Director: Tom Livesey, Oakridge Public Schools (Region 3)
  • Director: Stephanie Long, Leland Public School (Region 2)

The MASA Council meets monthly and advises on organizational matters.

The group consists of the MASA Executive Board, the Chairs of the Association’s three Standing Committees, and three members from each of the 10 regions who are elected to serve by their fellow region members.

Council Roster – 2023-24

Members in each of MASA’s 10 regions hold regular meetings, led by elected Region Presidents.

2023-24 Region Presidents

  • Region 1: Brian Reattoir, Brimley Area Schools
  • Region 2: Josh Rothwell, Forest Area Community Schools
  • Region 3: Scott Smith, Cedar Springs Public Schools
  • Region 4: Shawn Hale, Bullock Creek School District
  • Region 5: Julie Williams, Lake Fenton Community Schools
  • Region 6: Dr. Lori Haven, Perry Public Schools
  • Region 7: Rob Ridgeway, Harper Creek Community Schools
  • Region 8: Erin MacGregor, Howell Public Schools
  • Region 9: Andrew Brodie, Flat Rock Community Schools

MASA maintains three standing committees that advise the Board and Council on major educational and organizational issues.

2023-24 Rosters coming soon!

Conference Planning Committee

Government Relations and Policy Committee

Professional Growth and Leadership Committee

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