Students in Michigan, like many across the country, experienced dramatic levels of learning loss during the pandemic. In Michigan, over half of students face economic disadvantages, and standardized test scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) are among the lowest in the nation.

As a result of this need, Michigan lawmakers approved a record $21.5 billion public education budget in June 2023. This budget dedicates $150 million to help students who are struggling catch up through personalized tutoring and academic support programs.

Tutored by Teachers (TbT), a leading provider of teacher-led personalized learning and student outcomes, has been selected by Michigan as an approved vendor for the tutoring program, called the MI Kids Back on Track. The organization offers a variety of models of tutoring that schools can access using the $150 million grant, including:

  1. High-Impact Tutoring, aka High-Dosage Tutoring (intervention and curriculum aligned)
  2. Summer Academy
  3. Saturday School
  4. Bilingual / ELL
  5. PSAT and SAT Test Prep
  6. Extended Hours with Parent Opt-in

Tutored by Teachers brings the following unique components to its high-impact tutoring program:

  • Live, synchronous instruction with experienced U.S. teachers
  • 100% teacher attendance rate
  • White glove implementation at every school
  • 30-min virtual sessions at least 3-5 days per week
  • Small groups of 1 to 4 students per teacher

School districts across the country — from Denver, Nashville, Indianapolis, to Charlotte — are partnering with Tutored by Teachers to accelerate student learning.  Here are some of the many success stories from across the country:

Indianapolis Public Schools Outpaces the National Average

Indiana Public Schools (IPS) partnered with Tutored by Teachers to offer in-school tutoring to over 1,600 students in 12 of the district’s underperforming elementary schools starting in Fall 2022. Students achieved a 10-point increase in Math, outperforming their national peers, and 12-point rise in English Language Arts on NWEA MAP growth percentiles.

Impressed by these results, IPS expanded its partnership with TbT to serve nearly 5,000 students in over 24 schools with high-dosage tutoring during the Fall 2023 school year. Students who participated in a 20-hour after-school tutoring program saw 7- and 5-point percentile gains in Math and ELA, respectively. Those who received free-lunch saw even more gains — 10 point percentile gains in both Math and ELA.

Las Cruces Public Schools Sees Gains and Increases in Student Engagement

The students at Doña Ana Elementary School in Las Cruces, New Mexico were struggling with math when Las Cruces Public Schools chose to partner with TbT. The program provided tutoring to groups of no more than 3 students at a time across kindergarten to the fifth grade in both English Language Arts and Math. Students met with their tutors for 30 minutes, five times a week, and received consistent practice and reinforcement. This personalized approach aimed to help students gain a deeper understanding of concepts and build confidence in their abilities.

Across the board, students saw a net increase of 17% on their mid-program assessment, compared to their pre-program assessment, in math. Notably, students in Grades 3 and 5 saw increases of 23% and 25%, respectively. This intervention not only helped students reach grade level but also increased their engagement. “They’re talking to them, they’re asking questions, they’re laughing, they’re sharing back and forth stories about whatever the teacher on the other end is telling them and that’s what really hooked us in the engagement piece,” said Principal Cherie Love.

Doña Ana Elementary students log on to the Tutored by Teachers virtual learning program on Oct. 20, 2023.

How Schools Can Access Funding

Don’t let funding or program design hold you back. Tutored by Teachers can guide you through funding applications every step of the way, ensuring the process is easy and efficient. TbT can also work with you to design a customized tutoring program that perfectly fits your school’s unique needs and student population.

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