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African American Student Initiative, Phase 2 – Becoming an Ally vs an Advocate

The Michigan Department of Education’s Phase 2 of The African American Student Initiative (TAASI) continues the journey to develop and transform culturally proficient educators. Sessions will explore more deeply areas of race, power, and privilege as they are related to the institution of education. This phase is intended to expand on the awareness and transformation

Regional Comprehensive Needs Assessment Workshop: Session 3

Take your evaluation tool to the next level Schools and districts work diligently to develop and implement programs that increase high student academic results. Too often, however, results are not as intended. Effective school improvement planning and evaluation can make the difference between intentional and unintentional results. That’s why MASA is sponsoring a series of

Building a Student Growth and Assessment System that Informs Practice

Presented by MASA and MASSP Michigan school districts have been implementing and adjusting to the revised evaluation statute for three school years. As districts grapple with implementing statutory requirements for annual evaluation, a common pain point has been the use of student growth and assessment data, including properly understanding what the legislation requires, which measures to use, how to

Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) Conference

The Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) 3rd Annual Conference continues to focus on the power of reflection in the professional practice of teaching. By completing one or more of the mini-surveys within the SEC, groups of teachers create data that is immediately (and confidentially) available. The data are presented in easily read graphs and charts