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The MASA Superintendent’s Calendar is one of our most talked-about member resources. For the 2021-22 school year, MASA staff worked with our education partners, including MDE and Thrun Law Firm, as well as educational leaders in the field, to re-evaluate the calendar and offer a more robust, complete resource to our members.

In these pages you will find a checklist of items that every superintendent must remember to do each year – from required trainings, to evaluations and goal setting, to professional development offered by MASA, MASB and MSBO.

This webpage will be regularly updated with highlights from the next checklist so make sure to bookmark it! Those highlights will also be sent to members via email. You can also print a copy of the checklist to keep at your desk. We encourage you to check back throughout the school year for updated information on events and trainings.

Download the Calendar

February Checklist Preview

  • Central Office: Pupil Count Day (Feb. 9)
  • Central Office: LEAs begin work on Program Evaluations
  • Central Office: Present Benchmark information to Board of Education by the first meeting in February
  • Finance: Continue budget planning for next school year
  • Food: Food Service Verification report due
  • Board: Attend MASB Winter Institute (Feb. 25-27)


Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Don’t see something on the checklist that should be there? Let us know!