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MASA’s governing bodies consist of an Executive Board, the MASA Council, three standing committees and 10 regions.

The Executive Board, composed of seven members elected from across the state, works closely with MASA leadership to oversee the daily operations of the organization.

The MASA Council meets monthly and sets the general policies and goals of the association that drive the work of the MASA staff.

MASA maintains three standing committees that advise the Board and Council on major educational and organizational issues.

MASA has ten regions throughout Michigan, each with equal representation in the organization’s governance. Members in each region hold regular meetings, led by region presidents. Three members from each region are elected to serve on the statewide MASA Council.

2017-18 Executive Board

  • President: Michele Lemire, Menominee County ISD
  • President-Elect: David Tebo, Hamilton Community Schools
  • Past President: Dr. Sue C. Carnell, Westwood Community Schools
  • Director: Yvonne Caamal Canul, Lansing Public Schools
  • Director: Dr. Steve Matthews, Novi Community Schools
  • Director: Dr. Brian Metcalf, Grand Ledge Public Schools
  • Director: Dr. Kathy Stewart, Saginaw ISD

MASA Council

Council Roster 2017-18

MASA Committees

Professional Growth and Leadership Committee 2017-18

Conference Planning Committee 2017-18

Government Relations & Policy Committee 2017-18

MASA Regions


MASA Constitution

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